Mike Berman’s Washington Watch

No. 148

September 9, 2016

In this Washington Watch:

State of the Nation
President Obama
2016 Election
The Contest for President
General Election Debates
Women Will Get It Done
About Books
Restaurants: Anchorage, Alaska; Portland, Maine; Washington, DC
Odds and ends

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State of the Nation

28% of Americans say the country is headed in the right direction while 59% say it is on the wrong track. (USA/Suffolk, 8/29) In her September 1st column, Amy Walter of the Cook Political Report makes the point that...

President Obama

The public’s grading of President Obama’s job approval, as found by Gallup on 9/4/16, is 52% approval/44% disapproval. Obama’s approval rating at the time of his first inauguration was 67% approval/14% disapproval. A year ago it was 47% approval/47% disapproval....

2016 Election

Only 10% of Americans approve of the way in which Congress is handling its job. [Econ/YouGov, 8/29] If ever there was evidence of the dysfunction and irresponsibility of the Congress, it is the way it dealt/didn't deal with the potential...

The Contest for President

As you look at the materials that follow, keep in mind something I often forget. It was advice from Peter Hart about how to look at this race…“Stay with the dynamics; it is not about the numbers today.” Those who...

2016 General Election Debates

In order to be invited to participate in the debates being sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates a candidate must achieve a minimum threshold of 15% in an average of the following polls by the middle of September: ABC/WP,...

Women Will Get It Done

Going forward, the Washington Watch will be including short sections from a project that I have been working on called, “Women Will Get it Done.” This project is a compilation of data on women in America: in politics, business, the...

About Books

WW has not heretofore recommended particular books and will rarely do so in the future. However, two quite different books have drawn my attention. The first is the latest book by James Carville entitled, “We’re Still Right/ They’re Still Wrong.”...

Restaurant: Marx Brother’s Café

Anchorage, Alaska: While walking back toward the hotel we found what appeared to be a little house with an awning that said Marx Brother’s Café. We decided to give it a try. We soon decided it was a lucky choice.

Restaurant: East Ender Restaurant and Bar

Portland, Maine: As you enter the relatively small restaurant, straight ahead is a bar with five high stools. In addition to the bar there are 18 seats at 2tops and 4 tops. There is an upstairs room that has a bar with ten stools and additional seating for forty-six people.

Restaurant: Casolare Ristorante & Bar

Washington, DC: The Savoy Suites and a non-descript eatery has become the Casolare Ristorante & Bar.

Odds and Ends

Here are a few items that I found particularly tasty during the last couple of weeks: The San Francisco Airport Salad – Saifun noodles, cilantro, green onions, peanuts, turkey nuggets choice of iceberg lettuce, spinach or 50/50. Christina’s Restaurant, Sun...

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